Business Incubation and Development

Richardson Business Services Limited engages in preparation of Business Plan and Feasibility Reports for start –up and existing businesses

Fund Sourcing

We on behalf of our clients facilitate the provision of funds required for their businesses; be it short and long term finance

Turnaround Management

For Companies facing various challenges such as liquidity problem, mismanagement, low sales….. we offer advisory services in order to resolve these issues.

Trade Promotion and Development

We offer basket of financial services to offshore Companies planning to do business in Nigeria, our services includes; registration of businesses with the Corporate Affair Commission(CAC), registration with relevant tax authorities etc.

Loan Recovery and Administration

Based on the expertise of our key personnel, we offer loan recovery and administration services for various financial institutions in respect of their clients

Capital Market Advisory Services

Richardson Business Services Limited provides Capital Market Advisory services to its numerous clients. We have professional stockbroker in our team to advise and take decision on behalf of our clients on stocks,

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About Us

Richardson Business Services limited is a consultancy firm that engage in assisting small and medium enterprises in sourcing fund,turn around management and business incubation.The Company prepares feasibility reports /business plan for companies and engage in packaging documentation for clients and businesses in order to assist firms gain access to finance.

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