Milestone Projects


Business Plan on Fibi Sausage Roll

Richardson Business Services Limited on behalf of Rapido Foods Limited conducted a detailed Business Plan on the production of Sausage Roll, otherwise known as “Fibi”Sauasge Roll,in October 2012, the Company  has since then commenced production of the  beef Roll.

Fund Sourcing Of N150m For Graceco Nigeria Limited

We in 2015, prepared the business plan and packaged the sum of N150m equipment finance for Graceco Nigeria Limited in conjunction with Resort Consult Limited from the Bank of Industry.

The facility was approved by Bank of Industry and the disbursement has since been done.

Due Diligence & Valuation of ABEX Courier & Parcel Limited:

Richardson Business Services Limited recently conducted due diligence and valuation of ABEX  Courier & Parcel Limited. The purpose of this report was to enable the Board of Directors/ Management Team of the Company ascertain the financial status, operational efficiency and compliance to regulatory authorities on issue as Tax, Pension Fund and other  staff related issue.

While the valuation of ABEX Courier & Parcel Services is aimed at knowing the worth of the Company, for investment decision by the board of Directors.

Fund Sourcing of the Sum of N680 m For SREN Chemicals Limited

In April, 2017, we got the mandate from SREN Chemical Limited, a ink manufacturing company , based in Ota, Ogun State, to prepare, process and package an equipment and working capital finance facility for the sum of N680m from the Bank of Industry (BOI), this we implemented at the shortest possible time, the approval  of the facility has been granted and the customer is currently processing the disbursement of the facility from Bank of Industry(BOI).

Fund Sourcing of the SUM OF N525m For Matrix Petro Chem Limited

We recently secured the mandate to processed and packaged an equipment and working capital finance  of the sum of N525m  for Matrix Petro Chem Limited, a oil servicing Company, based in Lagos and Port Harcourt.

This has been done, approval and offer letter for 525 million , equipment finance, has been received and forwarded to the client. The  funds has been disbursed to the client account through their bankers; Fidelity Bank Plc.

Fund Sourcing of the SUM OF N125m For Ric Ken Merchant Limited

We in conjunction  with  Clemmeridian Investment Limited, process equipment finance for Ric Merchant Limited for the sum of N125 million from Bank of Industry (BOI), to enable the Company procure equipment from India, for their Toilet roll and tissue processing plant. The equipment finance facility was recently approved and we are working on behalf of the client to meet up  the conditions precedent to drawdown.

Fund Sourcing of the sum of N1.47 Billion for Bovas & Company Limited

We recently secured the approval and disbursement from the Bank of Industry (BOI) for a loan facility of the sum of N1.47 Billion to finance equipment for the Grease and lubricant plant in Papalanto, Ogun State. We are currently working with Bovas & Company on meeting the conditions, precedent to draw-down.

Fund Sourcing of the Sum of N1.6 Billion for Alpha & Jam Limited

We recently secured the approval of the sum of N1.6 Billion   equipment finance facility for Alpha & Jam Limited, a digital outdoor Company, we are currently working on the disbursement of the loan facility to the Company.